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pcbprint.com - Express service of printed circuit boards manufacturing. We will make your order and send it anywhere in a convinient for you way in 24 hours. Work with pleasure! :)

How does it work?

To produce a printed circuit board you need to make a few simple steps:

  • Create a file package in accordance with requirements from the specification section;
  • Choose shipping method: Ukrpoczta , Nowa Poczta, DHL. Price for delivery is in the prices section;
  • Send us: info@pcbprint.com;
  • Pay the invoice thet you receive on your email;
  • Receive your order (1 day + delivery).
ATTENTION! For manufacturing and sending the printed board next day after the order, you must provide the final version of the files to 12.00 Kyiv time. Support is provided in English, in Russian and in Ukrainian.

For development teams we will create special conditions of cooperation!


Price depends on printed circuit board size, availability of masks and silkscreen. Plating of holes and covering bond sites with immersion tin is included. Minimal order - 1 dm 2. If you order boards on Friday, more than 4 dm2 or you're a student - discount is 15%. Over 12 dm2 - discount 25%.

Board 1 dm2 Single sided EUR Double sided EUR
With mask and silkscreen (Full) 19 29
With mask and without silkscreen (minus M) 15 25
Without mask and silkscreen (Bare) 12 22
Special demand (Spec) 24 34

Approximate cost and delivery time:

Post Day's EURO
Ukrpoczta 11 15
Nowa Poczta 3 30
Nowa Poczta 7 15
DHL 1-2 30

If you order cards on, Friday, more than 4 dm2 or you're a student - discount is 15%.


For the production of circuit boards we accept a set of files Gerber RS-274X and NS-Drill (Excellon), or project files P-CAD and K-CAD. The list of programs will expand, so send your suggestions.

Requirements to the package Gerber RS-274X and NS-Drill files:

  • Gerber and NS-Drill should not be mirrored;
  • Measurement units – millimeters;
  • NS-Drill must bear the titles:
    • Plated — plated holes;
    • NoPlated — not plated holes;
  • Gerber files must bear the titles:
    • Top — top metal layer;
    • Bot — bottom metal layer;
    • TopMask — top layer of the solder mask;
    • BotMask — bottom layer of the solder mask;
    • TopSilk — top silkscreen layer;
    • BotSilk — bottom silkscreen layer;
    • Board — shape of the printed circuit board.

Carefully read the specification. Correctly formed data means timely received PCB.


For production of printed circuit boards we use Chinese-made fiber plastic foil ( PDF).

When preparing files for the production you should consider the information from the following table.

Measurement units mm
Board thickness 1,0; 1,6
PCB size MAX 330х190
Track thickness MIN 0,2
Distance between tracks MIN 0,2
Hole diameter MIN 0,3
Plated hole MIN 0,3
Hole center deviation MAX 0,15
Distance between hole diameters 0,1
Thickness of the silk MIN 0,15

We continuously improve performance accuracy and minimum sizes.


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